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tonight i realized that since i left my old job i have not been as in touch with the news media as i would like to be. it was like a constant barrage of info & articles at that job, & now i find that i mostly rely on lj to provide me with important info/articles. i want something a little more consistent. can anyone recommend a good lefty newsfeed or perhaps a yahoo listserv or something?
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thanks to [ profile] surblimity for posting this first.

nypd raid a fundraising party for anarchist people of color.
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another person to remember.

yesterday i was at the library looking for pictures of sylvia rivera & i got overwhelmed by her death & everything she did & how fucking hardcore she was.

i miss her )
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omg thank gawd this week is over. i have to go grade the midterm at 2pm & then i get to sleep. grading papers is exhausting & my least favorite part is actually putting the grades on.

this weekend i must:

post midterm grades
read derrida for monday seminar
read the last 3 chapters of racism & cultural studies
make notes for my paper on authenticity so i can have the librarian help me begin researching at my library appt on monday
finish reading mariama ba so i can teach it next week
buy a better bike light so i don't kill myself biking at night
figure out what kind of rain-gear i need to get
make flyers for the day of remembrance so sheri can photocopy them
write speech/editorial for the day of remembrance so i can send it to the paper
get a haircut
read a joan scott article so i can present on it a week from monday

i was just kidding about sleeping.
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at rockridge we saw graffiti that said "pooh stinks."

this morning on the bus the driver tried to stop me from putting in the full fare, then looked closer & said "OH you're GROWN!"

it is freezing in my apartment, i wonder when they will let us turn on the heat. thus tonight is for soup & cookies. today is for finishing up the paper-grading project. this week is going to be madness.
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hahahaha this so makes up for all the other fucked up crap going on in my life.
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i just finished reading for monday seminar, creepy stuff about brains split in two to "cure" epilepsy & whether that means these people have two selves, two minds, etc. trying to figure out what my final project for this class will look like-- i am thinking of something about names & trans identities & "deaths" of identities/selves in terms of transition. not sure yet how i'd tie it all together.

today i fell asleep reading raymond williams & napped for an hour, during which i dreamt constantly but knew i was dreaming. i kept opening my eyes, aware of doing it, but still seeing the dream rather than my room or anything. SO FUCKING COOL.

i did not clean house today so must do that & finish williams tomorrow. tonight i will finish three articles on body image & wash the dishes.
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i got two new pairs of jeans today from marissa. (best care package EVER!) one pair has pseudo-patches on the knees. they fit perfectly. the length is just right; i am wearing them right now & i feel a desperate need for red converse low-tops to go with.

i just realized that one of my favorite visuals is the way uncuffed jeans fall over converse low-tops. fyi. also my style lately has consisted of short-sleeve dressy shirts, shorts that fall well below the knee, & white socks with 3 different colored stripes at the top. only a few inches of my shins show. i like it.

favorite foods lately: BABY BOK CHOY. fake grilled cheese sandwiches. grilled tempeh sandwiches. homemade miso soup. soba noodles. pistachios. almond butter (crunchy).

bedtime should have been an hour ago.
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wow, urban outfitters is selling racist shit again. what a surprise. (got the link from the raceriot list.)

in other news, i wonder if one day i will be able to read stone butch blues without crying.
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i dreamt my entire tuesday discussion section, including asking the students to pass their reading responses to the front, suggesting they read nella larsen, & trying to move the discussion along as the prof i'm TAing for (who in the dream was CHER) stopped by the classroom to check up on me.

one day i would like to teach a class on the politics of passing. we will read nella larsen, danzy senna, stone butch blues, & watch illusions & victor/victoria. we will read black like me in conjunction with nickel & dimed. and more stuff that people helped me find here but i haven't looked into it all yet.
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i never post these messages here but since i won't be seeing her till this weekend:

happy birthday, nims! <3
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i've been reading so much i feel like my eyes are going to fall out. last night the x-files movie was on fx & i watched the first 45 minutes while eating dinner. gillian anderson dyed her hair blonde & grew it out & stuff, which was helpful in determining once & for all that my crush was/is definitely on scully.

i have to go tackle homi bhabha (wouldn't it be funny if i meant that literally?) & mentally prepare for lecture today.
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oh my god, i just got an email with an article about edward said's death.

looking back, this whole year seems fraught with loss.
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i went to high school with someone who is going to be on "the bachelor" tonight. my grandma called to tell me to watch.

i got a bike. it is a kid's bike because they didn't have any grown-up bikes small enough for me. how frustrating. it's rad though, & i put a basket on the back. i want to ride it constantly but my butt is still getting accustomed to the seat so i have to pace myself. i have an elaborate locking system because i'm very paranoid about it getting stolen.

i went to campus today to photocopy my section syllabus & check out the rooms for my sections & find the office for women's studies TAs. the walls are bare in my office, so i am going to hang up the posters that keight, laura & i made a few years ago for the women's guerilla history project. i'm so glad i didn't recycle them when i was packing to move here.
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just go here to read about last night.

ps. yumi, we missed you, dude. your presence was needed to complete the cynicism! <3
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hey does anyone have a link to or copy of an article written about gwen araujo's death that does NOT list her birth name or use the wrong pronouns? if so will you get in touch please? i need it as a resource. thanks dudes.
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okay here is my new general address. i am theoretically still making zines, so this is the zine address too.

pobox 72544
davis, ca 95617

the woman at the post office said "welcome to davis!" when she handed me my key. wow.

i found an ashtanga teacher on my walk home from the post office. i am going to email him now to see if he teaches some bastardized ashtanga "flow" class or strict primary series. please please let it be the latter.
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queer eye for the straight guy is on tonight. those guys are all very accomplished & established in their fields, but the show implies that they know all of these things just because they're gay. like it's innate to fags, or it comes in the handbook or something. i tend to like the show a lot, but this aspect of it makes me itch.

the bus ride to woodland is so breathtakingly beautiful. it's just wide open space, acres & acres of corn crops or bare fields or bales of hay precisely stacked. i am starting to like it here, to my great surprise.


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