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i made these again this morning & am passing on the recipe because they are so scrumptious & make my entire house smell amazing.

banana walnut muffins )
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toby's potato-leek soup

(spice measurements are estimates, i just dump some in.)

3 leeks, washed very well
3-4 large thin-skinned potatoes (red-skinned ones or their beige counterparts are good)
1 large baking-type potato (russet?)
1 red bell pepper
plenty of minced garlic
3T vegan margarine
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp coriander
2T soy sauce or tamari
salt & pepper to taste
3/4 c. plain soymilk
about 8 leaves of kale, chopped small (or more if you love kale like me)

discard tough green leaves of leeks. chop light green/white parts finely. scrub potatoes, peel if you like, chop into small pieces. dice bell pepper.

melt 2T margarine in large pot. add leeks, saute until quite soft. add spices, bell pepper & garlic. saute a few minutes. add potatoes & approximately 3 cups of water (just enough to cover the veggies). stir in soy sauce. let simmer until potatoes are soft. use a potato masher to mush up the potatoes so the soup is thicker (you can use a fancy immersion blender too, but a masher is fun & cheap.) season with s&p. take off heat & stir in soymilk.

in a separate pan, saute kale in 1T margarine until bright green & very soft, & add to the soup at the last minute. serve with crusty (punkrock!) bread.
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i'm thinking of volunteering with either the eastern massachusetts abortion fund or the abortion access project. who knows anything about either organization?

over the weekend i read all but the last 50 pages of suits me: the double life of billy tipton. it included wrong pronouns (on purpose), an inability to understand why one would live as a different gender beyond the fact that it was easier for men to make it big in the jazz music business 50 years ago, & an inexplicable fascination with how he had sex & why his girlfriends didn't "figure it out." fuck that. aren't you lucky i did the work for you, so you can now avoid this book at all costs.

current grad school list:
uc davis, cultural studies
nyu, american studies
univ michigan, history/women's studies
harvard, history of science
rutgers, history (with concentration in hist of medicine & hist of gender)

i wrote good things for my zine last night while listening to mirah's "advisory committee" on repeat. no idea when the zine will be finished. maybe within a month.

this winter i am all about soup. please send vegetarian soup recipes my way, pronto. i have already perfected my potato-leek soup. i like most all produce except fennel & cucumbers. i can veganize pretty much anything. help a kid out please.

the annual transgender day of remembrance is 20 november. info forthcoming on what's happening in boston.

i still have no halloween costume.


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