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i'm surprised this hasn't shown up on my flist yet. two days ago at ucla, an iranian-american student was tasered repeatedly by uc police officers when he was unable to produce his student i.d. card. other students who asked the cops for their badge numbers and names were threatened with the taser as well. there's an article from the ucla newspaper that gives much more information.

one of the other library patrons filmed most of what happened & the video is all over youtube. please be aware that it is disturbing & difficult to watch. video
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happy may day. instead of teaching regular classes today i'm doing a teach-in for my students on the current immigration legislation (& some history of may day).

some info on what's happening today & why:
bay area immigrant rights coalition
no on HR4437
national network for immigrant & refugee rights
walkout/strike information for workers & for students
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farewell, octavia butler. only 58.

eta: jesus, why didn't anyone tell me that wendy wasserstein died a few weeks ago? what losses these are.
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this is my new favorite spot on the internet: stolen time archive. the scholar who made it (alongside a visual artist) just spoke at my school. click on "launch project" to get to the archive. zinesters, artists & anyone who has done office/temp work should set aside a few hours just to explore the awesomeness.
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overcoming voting obstacles, a guide from ncte about how to handle various issues of discrimination & voting access, including specifics for transpeople.
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i hope everyone is keeping up with the incredible amount of bullshit that is the gwen araujo murder trial.

just in case you need to get caught up on the "gay panic" defense strategy, check out this article.

and for a good response see this op-ed from dylan vade.
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hey it's gay pride month.
take a look at a virus in the system, eh?
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more news for you:

the governator proposes massive budget cuts that would result in the loss of $20million for ac transit (the east bay bus system, which is already crappy enough thanks). please note this would mean either no weekend service or no school service. nice, arnold.

also the fda is banning gay men from making anonymous sperm donations. because of hiv risk. what in the fuck.
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there's a memorial here for gloria anzaldúa. i've been shaken by this news all week, & simultaneously outraged at the absence of any major news articles or information about her life or death. just an email forward. 61. so young.
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people in & around davis:

mirah is playing at the coffeehouse on campus on 19 may.

and pansy division at the queer prom on 2 june!
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hey, people with digital cameras or who know about them, help me out please. what should i be looking for when i shop for one of these things? any recommendations as to brands, etc?


Apr. 26th, 2004 10:43 am
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Silence can be a plan
rigorously executed

the blueprint of a life

It is a presence
it has a history a form

Do not confuse it
with any kind of absence

--adrienne rich
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donna dresch has a new band!! am i the last one to know about this?

and also team dresch are reuniting to play at homo a gogo this summer. too bad i am never subjecting myself to olympia again.
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for adrien:

i am not wrong: wrong is not my name
my name is my own my own my own
and i can't tell you who the hell set things up like this
but i can tell you that from now on my resistance
my simple and daily and nightly self-determination
may very well cost you your life

--june jordan

(excerpted from "poem about my rights")
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i made these again this morning & am passing on the recipe because they are so scrumptious & make my entire house smell amazing.

banana walnut muffins )
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this is currently my favorite photograph, the image on my desktop, & the title/theme of the paper i'm working on for queer theory.

heart-shaped bruise. nan goldin, 1980.
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okay like two dykes got married today in san francisco & not just any dykes! phyllis lyon & del martin.

and also they are adorable. )
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today is the day of remembrance. i woke up feeling anxious.


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